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Best Educational Websites For Kids Reading

Grabbing your kid’s attention to book reading is not an easy task in this modern world. Technology has taken over the paper or print media and digitalized everything. So, it would be a wrong approach to use old traditional methods to jump into the modern world.

You can only make your child enter the modern world with the help of the latest technology. Your kids are using tablets and mobile phones throughout the day for amusement purposes. You can shift their amusement into the learning process by using digital resources.

If you search on the internet you will find plenty of kids reading material online. The volume of online reading programs has reached its highest peak after the recent pandemic. Parents are finding ways to make their kids read without using old paper books. Because kids are more attracted to tablets than books.

Websites for kids reading

The Internet is full of kids reading material including multiple online programs, apps, and websites. Most of them are while some of the websites have paid courses. You can also use their premium features when your child reaches a certain level.

Here I will show you the top 10 best websites for kids reading that are available right now. As mentioned most of these websites are free with premium features.

These websites are useful for both teachers and parents. Teachers who want to utilize modern methods to upgrade their students reading caliber can use these programs. The parents are looking for ways to do their kid’s pre-schooling at home. They want to train their toddlers to get friendly with books and educational material.

Therefore, when you think that you want to upgrade your kid’s learning level with advanced tools you can upgrade these programs by utilizing premium features.

Top 6 best websites for kids reading

Here are the top 6 best websites for kids reading you can consider. But before you get started with these websites please make sure that your kid is mentally and physically fit. Because sometimes, kids have some reading disabilities and parents are unaware.

Also, test your kids reading skills and set their level. This will help you choose the right course at the right level. You will be saving your time and efforts on repeating the things your kid already knows.


  • Age Range: Pre-K to 3rd grade
  • Publisher: Starfall Education Foundation
  • Format: Read-along library, games, interactive activities
  • Cost: Free, although some materials require a paid subscription

One of the best free websites for kids reading practices available right now. It’s great fun to explore this website. This website uses multiple resources to assist your child with reading.

From the English alphabet to fables your child will learn everything. The website features multiple stories, poems, plays, etc. they can read individually or with the help of a narrator.

Key skills

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Systematic sequential phonics
  • Common sight words
  • Decoding practice
  • Word recognition
  • Fluency


  • Age Range: Pre-K to K
  • Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • Format: Read-along library, activities, videos
  • Cost: Free

If you want your child to read and understand the stories online then this is a great platform. The StoryPlace features 15 multiple story themes to assist with categorized storytelling. The library features multiple stories and engages the kids with songs and rhymes.

The story themes









Bath Time


Teddy Bears










Key skills

  • Early literacy
  • Book awareness
  • Vocabulary

Storyline Online 

  • Age Range: K to 3rd grade
  • Publisher: SAG-AFTRA Foundation
  • Format: Videos narrated by famous actors
  • Cost: Free

This is one of the best websites for kids to read. The storyline is another great platform for your toddlers and kids in grade one or two. Your kids learn with the help of stories. You also get proper lesson plans and activities for comprehension and engagement.

Key skills

  • Early literacy
  • Book awareness
  • Reading comprehension
  • Verbal and written language skills


  • Age Range: Pre-K to 1st grade
  • Publisher: WordWorld (a TV show for preschoolers)
  • Format: Interactive books, games, videos, printable activities
  • Cost: Free

When it comes to making the kids learn to read Pre-K to 1st-grade kids you need to build a strong connection between letters and words. Letters combine to form words and words make sentences. This website helps kids learn vocabulary and phonics.

Key skills

  • Vocabulary
  • Early literacy
  • Phonics


  • Age Range: K to 5th grade
  • Publisher: Storynory Ltd. (UK)
  • Format: Audio stories
  • Cost: Free

If you want to upgrade your child’s learning experience by increasing levels, this website is a great platform. It offers more than 600 audio stories that build strong communication skills in your child. It contains a wide range of fairy tales, myths, educational stories, poems, and classical stories.

Key skills 

  • Verbal language skills
  • Listening skills
  • Reading comprehension


  • Age Range: Pre-K to 5th grade
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press (UK)
  • Format: E-books
  • Cost: Free, requires registration

One of the best UK-based websites for kids reading. It contains more than 100 e-books ranging from simple level-reader to complex ones. It also includes guidelines for teachers and parents. If you want to access this website you need to register. No doubt it’s free but requires registration for access.

Key skills 

  • Phonics
  • Early literacy
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary

Final Word 

I have listed the top 6 best websites for kids reading. these websites offer a wide range of storybooks, audiobooks, and creative activities. These websites feature creative activities to assist your child in learning new things.

The actors or narrators read the books for you and your kids. The websites also feature multiple gaming layouts to assist in the learning process.

Make sure to emphasize letter sounds and their use in words. Because letters combine to make words and sentences.

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