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Talking to Toddlers Review – Does It Really Work?

Parenting has never been easy for young couples, especially those experiencing this cherished moment for the first time. Becoming a parent is the most beautiful feeling in this world.

A woman completes after becoming a mother. Children create a lovely and string between their parents. A home completes with children’s smiles and cries. But sometimes, it turns into a problematic situation when you are not trained to handle your toddlers.

Toddlers start assuming that they can reach every place in their home as adults. With their 1st step of walking, they start creating problems for you. Your actual duty begins when your child takes his first step—people who haven’t huge family background or have a child for the first time face many problems.

Sometimes these problems start making you realized that you are not a good parent. You start feeling disappointed with your efforts. But in the age of technology, the word impossible can be turned into possible. If you have a good internet connection and a digital device, you can become a great parent.

Talking to Toddlers Review

To handle parenting issues, Chris Thompson has introduced a well defines program names talking to toddlers. We will try to discover this program’s features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Also, we will investigate what is included in the program and how does I work. How it helps you to become successful parents? We will discover everything, so stay tuned with talking to toddler review.

  • Product Name: Talking to Toddlers
  • Author/Creator: Chris Thompson
  • Price: $47.00
  • Free lesson available if you sign up for Thompson’s parenting newsletter
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • 12 audio lessons
  • Downloadable MP3s
  • Transcript videos
  • Lessons range from 10-15 minutes long
  • Full PDF of all transcripts
  • Official Website:

What is Talking to Toddlers? 

This unique program is designed for every parent dealing with their naughty and stubborn toddler. You often yell and shout at your toddler without concerning the adverse effects of your actions. This behavior is harming your child’s personality, and he behaves the same after growing up.talking to toddlers review

This program is constructed with multiple lessons that teach you how to deal with your toddler’s bad habits without destroying their personality. You will be able to learn how to talk with your toddler in a better and effective way.

Talking to toddlers program teaches you effective techniques of dealing with your toddler. This program features 12 different lessons through which it teaches you to become an ideal parent. After taking these 12 lessons, you will be able to learn advanced parenting skills.

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About the author Chris Thompson

This program was composed and created by Chris Thompson. This man is named as Platinum Eagle proficient Writer planned for Ezinearticles web webpage where he consistently put down or makes articles and content articles on being a parent. Before Chris turned into a father, this individual got an oddity in dominating discussion hypnotherapy, techniques, and motivation.

Following getting Ericksonian Hypnotherapy capability, he found the method of NLP, which expanded his discussion with individuals extensively. When he began to be a father, he found these techniques valuable in settling his nurturing issues. He was fit for changing the mental state of his baby.

How does this program work? 

This program offers you 12 audio files you can download. These audio files are 12 lessons teaching you to become great parents. The author suggests you listen to one audio file per day for better understanding and implementation.

Each class is about 15-20 minutes long. After completing one lesson, you will have to attempt a workbook test. This workbook enables you to test your credibility. After this test, you can evaluate your skills.

After completing the lessons, you will be able to identify your toddler’s behavior problems. After identification, you can treat your child in a better way to overcome all of your problems.

Let’s discover what these lessons are about?

What is included in the program? 

This program offers you 12 audio lessons and a corresponding workbook.

Lesson 1. Introduction and Key Concepts

This lesson includes an introductory video in which the author introduces himself to the users. He builds trust by explaining his life experiences. He also tells you about the course outline and gives you some key points. This introductory video makes it easy for you to understand the program.

Lesson 2. Double Binds and Presuppositions

In this lesson, you will learn about consistency in your vocal tones and body language. Through these teachings, you will be able to construct a consistent bond between you and your child. This action makes your child understand what you are saying.

Lesson 3. Say No Without Saying No

In this section, you will learn how to overcome your kid’s resistant behaviour that comes after saying no. this means you will learn various ways to say no to your child without making them feel bad.

Lesson 4. Yes/ NO/ Compliance Sets

In this lesson, you learn advanced techniques to make your kids respect you. Your kids will start obeying you after taking this lesson because you will be acting differently than before.

Lesson 5. Commitment and Consistency

Kids start doing some actions consistently. They start doing the same things in similar manners. If you want to instil good behaviours in your child, this section will give you advanced techniques.

Lesson 6. Reciprocity 

Reciprocity is the best policy you can use to reach the middle ground with your toddler. This lesson teaches you reciprocity so that you can get your child to comply with what you say.

Lesson 7. Pick Your Battles

Through this lesson, you learn how to stop the war between you and your child. You done don’t need to be rude or say No to every wrong action your child does. Some alternative ways can help you to stay calm.

Lesson 8. Reframing

In this lesson, you learn about mental framing and reframing. After completing this section, you will be able to reframe your parenting approach. Through this cognitive reframing, you can observe all the thoughts that had been negatively affecting your toddler.

Lesson 9. State Management and Anchoring

This example shows you various perspectives. A state is the attitude of an individual. It could be outrage, joy, or something different. Conditions can be entered or left deliberately by reviewing past encounters or occasions.

One can likewise enter a state unwittingly by setting off an anchor. An anchor is a prompt which the cerebrum naturally connections to a particular state. Along these lines, through building secures for certain sure mentalities in your minor child’s cerebrum, you can trigger them to get them to enter that state at a later point.

For example, by building secures for joy in your minor child’s mind, you can make the person in question enter the state by setting off them. This example will show you how to assemble secures for positive attitudes in your kid and trigger them to get the positive mentality the mind partners them with.

Lesson 10. Embedded Comments

Through this lesson, you will learn to embed commands in your everyday words. You can assign your child a task in a very polite way rather than direct commanding.

This step will make your work even more accessible and reliable. Your child will trust you even if you are grappling with a fake story. You can convince your kids in a better and polite manner.

Lesson 11. Dealing with Physical Pain

Once your kids start walking, they often get hurt by falling or getting hit by objects. It is the time when parents start overreacting which makes the situation even worse. Your kids start craving attention which becomes a headache with time.

This lesson teaches you how to react in such situations calmly so that your child doesn’t become oversensitive.

Lesson 12. Threats and Punishments

When your child grows up, he starts doing some deeds that result in harmful habits. This action needs to be stopped by you. You can control your child by threatening consequences or punishments so that your child could associate the damaging effects with their deeds.

This lesson focuses on this step and teaches you how to correct your child’s behaviour without making them feel bad.

Is talking to toddlers legit or a scam? 

The program offers you proper training to become ideal parents. The author uses his life experiences to teach you. He explains the 12 points that help you understand your kid’s behaviour. After understanding the behaviour of your kid, you would be able to remove all the obstacles between you are your child.

Taking care of a toddler is not an easy job because toddlers can reach every sensitive area of your house. They don’t know good and evil, but they attempt to do every task adults do.

Therefore, I suggest you try this program for once in your life. If you have a toddler, you must get this program. If you will have a baby, then it’s better to be prepared before the time comes.

Talking To Toddlers Review – The Pros and Cons:


  • This program enables you to overcome parenting problems.
  • You can learn how to say to your child “no” without directly saying it.
  • You will be able to behave in the way your children obey you.
  • This program helps you and your children to have positive sensations.
  • You will be able to train your children for fighting the challenges.
  • You will have a strong bond with your kids.
  • Everyone can use the program without any difficulty.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee is for your safety. If you don’t like the program within 60 days, you can claim a refund.


  • This program doesn’t contain any harmful information that could negatively affect your child’s personality.


Does it work? 

Yes, talking to toddlers work if you listen to every guideline with full of interest. Because your devotion towards your toddler matters a lot. Even if you feel that talking to toddlers isn’t working for you, there are a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Can I download talking to toddlers for free? 

Some websites try to convince you that you can download talking to toddlers for free. But it’s not true. When you click their download button, they redirect you to a page where you need to make a payment. Therefore, rather than becoming a fool in their hands, you can buy it directly with 60 days money-back guarantee.

What is offered in the course outline? 

The program offers you thorough training to become ideal parents through a well-defined course outline.

  • Talking To Toddlers (Special Discount)
  • The Art of Potty Training (PDF book version)
  • Talking to Toddlers Audio Course (with free trial)
  • The Art of Potty Training (unabridged audiobook + PDF)
  • Talking to Toddlers + The Art of Potty Training COMBO
  • Talking to Toddlers Audio Course


Finding a tool without cons is not an easy job. But this program comes with pros only. Therefore we don’t see any reason to reject this program. If you are struggling with the relationship with your toddler, then you must try it.

The program is designed for anybody who wants to learn. Every person who wants to build a strong bond between themselves and their kids should take this course.

Even if you don’t have kids right now, but you are planning to have babies, you must start preparing. This step will make you understand the kid’s issues and train you to solve these problems.

I didn’t find any reason for not recommending this product. I suggest you try it out for your well-being.

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