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Best Preschool Phonics Books Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays children are so much intelligent because they focus on every attractive thing whether they are learning materials or some other playing. Most of the children can try to read and recognize all the letters before they can write these letters. They often start with the alphabetic letter ABCs and start to make things with each specific letter, which can easily memorize by children.

But gathering all the letters and making them in a single word is a bit more challenging for every child. The children whose native language is other than English face more challenges while creating words.

Well, don’t worry because preschool phonics books are here to help your children to read and write letters efficiently and perform amazingly best in their learning period of letters.

What are Preschool Phonics Books?

Phonic books are easy to read because they have attractive visual content for children. These books are a collection of storybooks, some special rhyming books, Simple style ABC books, and also it is included workbooks for children. More things help your children to target the letters or make their correct pronunciation.

Parents or Teachers who want to improve and enhance the phonic skills of their kids should try to explore each phonic book as they help your kids to enhance their reading skills.

Kids want things to learn which are attractive for them, while playing with letters they can make new words with a single letter. Storybooks are fun to read which gives your kids a natural way to experience reading, with this their reading skills can also improve.

With less struggling Rhyming books will help your kids to understand the patterns in phonics or they can easily know that how phonic sounds come about. While ABC letter book helps your kids to know more better about each word and after that they can easily make new words with each letter.

While workbook in preschool phonics book will give phonic skills to your kids. It is the key revision tool that takes a test of your kids while completing the different exercises.

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Why Learning With Phonics Book

When your child needs to learn new letters and has difficulty reading the letters and also faces challenges to make more new words with the letters, then it is an alarming situation for every parent. They need to change the style of their learning material.

With preschool phonics books, you don’t need to sit down with your children to teach them about every letter, because the technique of phonics books are so easy and attractive for children’s that they can amazingly learn all the letters in a sequence and there is less challenging to create words with single letter’s. learning any language is a combination of writing, reading, and speaking.

When parents or teachers teach their kids English, they need to focus on their pronunciation. If their speaking skills are not enough to speak letters then how can they properly understand the letters and words? With the help of phonics books, your children can speak the words correctly as their original pronunciation. Phonics books will help your kids to know perfectly the basics of words in English.

There are the top three phonic books, which are amazingly perfect for your kids to learn effectively new words and their pronunciation. You don’t need to give a long time to your children because phonic books will give the best homeschooling to them.

Is learning with phonic books good for your kids?

Your child needs to get phonological awareness which is best to extend his learning skills. When your child fully understands each letter then he/she can easily make new words with each letter.

According to the National Reading Panel report, learning early stages with phonic books is great for your children’s grooming. Phonic books are an anonymously effective approach to early reading for your kids.

There are lots of sight words that help your child to make professional sentences while exercising with workbooks. Keep in mind, that the core of reading techniques is totally based on phonic patterns and their methods.

We better need to more focus on our children’s learning and reading skills, phonic books include all things which every kid needs in the early stages of their learning letters.

Kids will enjoy while learning the phonic books. There are decode tools that you can give your children as an exercise to understand better phonics learning, you just need to give adequate time to your kids while completing the phonic exercise.

What are the best phonic readers for your kids?

There are different nature of every child, so you should need to focus carefully that what is the best phonic book for your children. Some children have the habit to read long before they write letters or write any stories. You don’t need to push your children to read or write anything according to your wish.

Kids learn things at their natural pace, even if a kid is three years and he is good at learning, and at the same time, six-year kids are not flexible to learn things like three-year-old kids.

You need to give phonic readers if your kids know some letter sounds, show them the best interest, and sit with your children because it will positively motivate your children.

If you teach your children at home school then having phonic readers is the best and effective option for you, because it will give confidence to your children to work on phonetic learning effectively.

When you think that your child is completely learned the letter sounds and understands it sounds, then you need to give them combining sounds that create new words, in this scenario you have to give your children a phonics reader set.

While choosing phonic books for your children you need to focus on:

  • Is your child interested to learn things while playing and is he/she engaged with vibrant images? (Us-borne)
  • Do you think that your child is easily distracted, so in this situation, you need fewer attractive images? (primary phonics, Fun tales)
  • Do you think that your child takes a long review and then he progress? (The Best Measured Mom)
  • Do you think that having sight words is the best option while learning alongside sounding? (the US borne, bob books, Primary Phonics)
  • Do you think that starting with a vowel is best for your kids? (A Beka)
  • Do you notice that your children have a slow and steady review of their phonic words? ( Wildflower Great Ramblings)
  • Do you feel that your children are ready to read as many sentences on the same page with the same phonic structures? (Alpha-Phonics)

Top Three Phonics Books For Your Children

1. Flash Cards: Sight Words Cards

If you want to improve the reading and learning skills of your children, then using flashcards is the best option for you. It will give positive confidence to your kids while completing the flashcard exercise whether it’s math or English. It will help your kids to understand the sight words easily, they will enjoy the learning process with flashcards.

It will give your children a habit to learn things daily and understand the words. After time you will notice that your kids make positive progress in their learning methods.

Also, you can take these flashcards anywhere you want, there is not only one place you can learn from these cards. It is not heavy to pick for your children as they are lightweight. Flashcards are a great gift for your children to learn letters.


  • Reading Age for your children is: 4 years Minimum And 8 Years Maximum.
  • Best For Beginners level.
  • The language of Flash Cards is Only English.
  • Grade Level: Must be Pre-school 3.
  • Dimensions Of Each flashcards: 3.25 x 1 x 6.25 inches
  • Publisher: Scholastic Teaching Resources

2. First Little Reader’s

You will note that your children will love to read stories and through this technique, your children’s reading will be improved. It will motivate your kids to read more stories.

This book has colorful stories which are attractive for every kid. In stories, there are lots of repetitive texts which help your children to understand the words easily. It will boost your children’s reading and it is a very effective reading method.


  • Reading Age of your kids: Minimum 4 years and Maximum 7 years.
  • Print Length is 25 pages.
  • Language of First Little Reader’s is: Only in English.
  • Grade Level: Must be Pre School-2.
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.6 x 5.7 inches.
  • Publisher: Scholastic Teaching Resources.

3. Teach Your Child to Read best 100 Easy Lessons

Do you think that your kid is unable to read in his/her grade? You should need to try this phonic book to help your child to read and learn new things easily.

Because this phonic book is a step-by-step guide for your children and is simple in words so your kids will understand words effectively. Your kid just needs twenty minutes in each day and within hundred days your kid will completely grab the things which are essential while reading.

This phonic book is easy to follow because it had enjoyable content in it which every child needs while enhancing their reading skills. There are no flashcards, or any other scissors needed, it just needs you and your children to learn together.

There are a fully covered a hundred lessons in it, which are attractive due to the color and clarity of each word. With this phonic book, your kid will grab the basics of both learning and reading skills.


  • Print Length is 395 pages.
  • The available language is Only English.
  • Publisher is: Touchstone
  • Dimensions: 8.38 x 0.9 x 11 inches


There is a tough situation when your children are at ages where learning and reading are necessary, but you cant figure out that what is the best book for them. Now you know the deep details of preschool phonics books and you can figure out that it is the best level of books for your children.

You don’t need to go anywhere in search of books for your kids, because you are in the right place to choose the books which can easily improve and enhance your children’s reading and learning skills.

You can also find the top three products here in this article, which is really helpful for you and for your children’s too. You just need to buy the preschool phonic books and give time to your kids, after time you will notice that your kids get positive skills in learning and reading.

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