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KidGPS was created to bring a little peace of mind to the busy job of being a parent.  Designed to be the easiest to use, most affordable child location tracker available, KidGPS helps parents keep an eye on kids that always seem to be in motion. 

We all want to give our kids the freedom they want, like riding their bike alone down the street or walking to school with friends.  KidGPS is there with their location on demand and active alerts when they arrive to common destinations.  With KidGPS, you never have to worry if kids are where they say they are.

KidGPS was created and designed in Nashville, TN by a group of tech enthusiast parents who wanted to leverage the power of cellular-based GPS tracking to better keep in touch with our always on the go kids.  So whether visiting a busy amusement park or dropping your kids off for a sleepover, breath a little easier knowing that anywhere in the country, you can locate them with KidGPS.

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Service Plans Explained

KidGPS uses a nationwide, reliable cellular network to pinpoint your child’s location at a moment's notice. Should your child ever become lost, our service fee ensures you have the ability to locate them using GPS. No long term commitments are required, cancel anytime.

Monthly Plan
Billed monthly
Six Month Plan
Billed semiannually
Save 20%
12 Month Plan
Billed annually
Save 40%

The Easy to Use GPS Tracker for Kids!