Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks To Read review

Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks To Read Review [Buyer’s Guide]

Almost every child needs attractive books to learn and discover new things at their small ages. For this purpose, learning dynamics 4 weeks to read is one of the best programs and is well known around the world.

The aim of this program is a curriculum meant which is great for beginner readers, from ages four to seven. Your children will get lots of new things in this program, which will attract your child to it. There are new and unique things to know which your child can learn at an early age.

Things which are included in 4 week to read

Teaching manual, the best application for parents, color books which have amazing techniques of different color in it, also flashcard is included in this program. It has 55 lessons with 15 minutes each time of teaching manual.

This manual can be used with playing a pleasant song for the children and also at the end of each lesson some attractive reward also included. You will also get different types of color books.

In each color book, there is 15 minutes lesson that grabs the children’s attention easily to learn more things. These books have crystal clear lessons which are easily understandable for parents and children, having few pages in each book.

All these things made this program best for beginners readers. The parent app contains lessons with a variety of different songs which is also an attractive part for beginner readers.

There is no need to take these lessons in one place, you can easily take lessons wherever you want like at home or in any of your cars. The best thing is that it will remind you for your next lesson if you are on a break after completing the previous lesson.

Also, you get flashcards that effectively accompanying you. These cards will use in different lessons to reinforce and easily teach the letters and a variety of sounds can be learned in the lessons. A number of things which you will get with this program:

  • Attractive rewards of letters.
  • Total 34 songs CD for the reader.
  • Also, get Manual Lesson.
  • Variety of 50+ color books.
  • Activity Book.

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Cost of 4 Weeks to Read?

You will get learning dynamics 4 weeks to read course at an affordable price. There are a lot more things in it and all these things you will get in only $89.99.  You also have an option to add on other things like 15-minute math for only $ 69.99. Also, you can add on Workbook for the reader which costs you $25.99.

Why Choose 4 weeks to read

There are three major things which you like to get this program.

Easiness for Parents

This program is also best for parents, as it has easy words to understand the logic and step by step guide for parents and readers. You don’t need to be a professional teacher to teach the reading, you just need to follow the steps of the lesson which are present in the lesson manual.

Teach reading to the beginner child is a crucial time for some parents and they want help to sort out their problem. With this program, they can easily teach attractive lessons to their children.

Take an example, almost every parent teaches their children with only the letter names (Like ABC), without concern that the letter sound is more important for them. With this course, you can solve this problem efficiently because it will give you phonic sound also with knowing the letter words.

Physical product

Having hard copies of learning material is a plus point for readers. If you are not living in America, then it may cause some disturbance for you. But in search of special things you need to wait for the best result. In this era, digital things and information are more common than hard copies of information which will grab your attention in the book.

Best Educational Approach

Learning with a phonic approach is one of the attractive things for children to discover and understand new information, including with their interest.

What are the steps of use 4 weeks to read

This program is designed to use readers’ 15 minutes each day to explore new information. You need to take these lessons three days a week only. Your child cant handle this 4-week to-read program alone, minimal support from the parents is also needed.

There are a lot more attractive things that your child gets in this program. You just need to read the step-by-step guide which is present in the manual book and after that, you can start effectively teaching your child.

You can also play the song for your children’s attention, in this way your child wants to put his/her interest in learning new things. Your child wants to gather all the flashcards and letter rewards for themselves.

As an optional activity for parents, they can check the end of each lesson. There are some things which are not required but for the fun, your children can use them for the learning purpose.

For example, in the first lesson, your children need to play M and M game, which means they have to find something in the home which is related to the letter M. It will your children to incorporate the new letter sound and make practice in the whole day.

How learning dynamics 4 weeks to read lessons should look

The appearance of the learning dynamics lessons is well structured and attractive. There are videos also included in this program to give you the best explanation about the new things.

The videos of the 4 weeks to read lesson are very helpful for children and also for the parents. The structure of the lessons is best and works effectively for every single child. In the training section of the course, you will find a variety of videos that help your children to explore new things.


If the price is fit according to your budget then learning dynamics  4 weeks to read is a great companion for you and your child. This course works only for beginner readers who are between 4 years of age to seven years of age.

With simple words and attractive color books, your children can learn lessons easily and want to spend more time learning the lessons.

But keep in mind, don’t expect your child to complete the lessons within 4 weeks as the name appears. It will take more weeks or days to complete their reading course. Because most children need repetition to understand the new letters.

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