how to teach a 3 year old to read

How To Teach A 3 Year Old To Read And White [Best Way]

When a kid is born, his profession is often decided by his parents. It’s not a good idea but still, parents want the best for their child. Often situation gets complicated when the father wants his child to be a doctor while the mother wants him to be an engineer.

Everything comes after, the reading ability of your child comes first. If your child is not able to read or write something you cannot make him either a doctor or an engineer. The learning age of kids starts from 3.

Parents are good Teachers

When kids are at the age of 3, parents are good teachers for them. At this age, it is the responsibility of parents to make their kids read. After the first baby often parents don’t know how to teach their toddlers to read.

It gets hard for them and they finally hire a home tutor or nanny for them. It’s never a good choice because of the affection, attention, and determination you show towards your child, nobody can. Only you can teach a 3 year old to read in the best way.

Teach a 3 year old to read

Is it possible to teach a 3 year old to read? Well, the answer is “might be yes” or “might be no”. Some kids pick up words easily and some take time to recognize letters or words. It depends on your kid’s mental strength and your dedication to your goal.

If you are determined that you will make your 3 year old read at any cost, then nobody can stop you. Here I am going to share some important steps you can take to teach your toddlers to read.

Create a text-rich environment: Preparation

You can rise to give rise to the urge in your kids of reading text by maintaining a text-rich environment. You can keep storybooks and other types of magazines at home having written content more than pictures.

You can make your kids recognize the letters, numbers, and words on different packages and signs. You can even show your kid the label of his favorite chocolate box, clothes, cereal package, etc. Point out letters and digits from daily life stuff. It would be better than reading a whole book.

You can proceed by playing games that involve letters and digits. Whenever you take your toddler to a supermarket, make him read the letters in the supermarket signs.

Make them discover their own world by recognizing things. Don’t push them, just show them a path and they will leave you amazed with their developing skills.

Step by step guide to teach a 3 year old to read

Fun with letters

You might have observed your kid playing with your diary and a marker. Kids at this age love to copy letters, words, and digits onto paper. You can take advantage of this behavior and encourage them to copy text and read it.

You can make your child practice with their name letters and age digits. Let them write their name on a paper and then read the letters. At this age, they can make cute little mistakes such as writing letters backward, spelling randomly, and holding the marker in a strange way. Everything is normal at this age.

Recognition of starting letters

You can make your toddler read by making them recognize the starting letters of words. For example, apple starts with “a”, table start with the letter “t”, and a pen starts with “p” etc…

If your kids start guessing the letters successfully, you can come up with the words starting with the same letter. For example, if your kid guesses “a” of apple, you can continue with more words that start with the letter “a”.

Make your child an author

Kids at the age of 3 are more likely to be talkative than older ones. You can take advantage of this behavior and start writing a book together. Make your kid describe an event in daily life whether it’s about a picnic party or park visit.

Take a diary and write down one or two sentences of your kid’s story. After that, read their story in front of them and let them illustrate it. This practice can make your child more active to observe things and describe accordingly.

Dialogic Reading Practice

You can read a book together with your toddle it’s the best way indeed. But rather than just reciting a book, you can build his interest by making them choose a character and predict the storyline.

Before turning the page ask your child what would happen next? Moreover, you can ask your child, what he would have done if he was that character.

Make your kid predict the story and make their own world of imagination. This will make your kids read stories by themselves. Then ultimately, they would love to learn new words and letters.

Make it a fun game

Kids often don’t like to drag words on boring paper with a pencil. They want an element of excitement and fun in every activity. You can ask your kid to make letters with a play-dough. You can also use magnet alphabets and let your toddler write his name.

Moreover, you can use your surroundings to turn boring learning practice into a fun activity. You can utilize sand, snow, or even dirt and write letters on it. You can put sand in a container and let your child practice in it.

Final Word

Above I have mentioned some of the most important and popular methods of teaching a 3 year old to read or even write. Most preschools use these methods to teach toddlers the basics. But before starting this practice, make sure that your kid is medically fit.

Check if your kid is suffering from reading or listing disability. Consider a child specialist and make sure that your kid is okay and ready to explore the world. The intelligence level of each kid is different.

Some kids catch things quickly and some take time to learn new things. You must keep patience and let them create their own world.

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