Learning Dynamics Four Weeks To Read Review

Learning Dynamics Four Weeks To Read Review – Is it Legit?

As your kids get older, they want to learn more new and unique things which are attractive for them. In this learning age of children, they put some pressure on parents to give them new and colorful books to learn from.

As a parent now you don’t need to worry about your kid’s mental growth because in these four weeks to read the review you will get handy information which will surely help you a lot, not only for you but also for your kids.

What are the four weeks to read?

No need to download anything for your child, as it can give your kid a bad impact on the eyes. Four weeks to read program is a physical program for kids to enhance and boost their knowledge. Your kids will get things physically, which they can easily touch and read according to their wishes.

Learning Dynamics specially made this four-week to read program only for children, whose ages are between 4 to 7 years old. Cheryl Lant is the company that launched this program for kids.

You know at the start of the process there are little things to give but after time it improve and branched their programs into many, Cheryl Lant is also the same process. Now they extend their educational programs for the sake of knowledge for the kids.

The success rate of the program’s 4 weeks to read are 98%, which gives you satisfaction as a parent that your child will surely learn his/her names and much more in a decent way.

There are lots of attractive and great things included in the program, which can be most helpful for your kids as well as for you. Because as a parent you will get all the necessary things which kids need during the learning process.

Variety of experts behind the program of 4 weeks to read, which done their job very well to give material to the children’s for better understanding of learning and reading new things. All the approaches of the 4 weeks read program is phonic approach, which works effectively on all children.

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Author of the four Weeks To Read?

Cheryl Lant is the company behind the 4 weeks to read. They not only launched this program for children but there are several programs for better understanding the learning techniques and improving children’s skills as well.

Learning dynamics is the name of the program, they aim to give the best learning techniques to your kids between the age of 4 to 7. With this 4 week to read program, you don’t need to put any hard effort on your kids for reading new things on their own.

How do four weeks to read work?

While taking help from four weeks to read the program, your kid needs to work on it for at least 15 minutes a day. With this last time, your kid can polish and enhance their reading skills easily without any help from you.

Also, you need to give this program to your kids a minimum of three days a week, after some time you will observe that your kid doing great with his/her reading skills.

Keep in mind, your kids need you while learning any new thing but with this program as a parent you need to involve yourself in your kid’s activity with a minimum time.

This means your kid cant work on it on their own, but they need your involvement when they face any difficulty with 4 weeks to read the program. The lessons of the program are easily understood and your kid can quickly familiar with it in less time.

You need to play the song first and then your kid manages the cards according to the words of the song, which is an attractive and efficient technique of reading for kids.

There are some extra activities which surely do not require any extra equipment but when your kid plays a lesson which needs M & M’s card, then your child will desperately wait to find something in the home which starts from the letter M. in this way, your kids will effectively boost their reading skills.

What you will get in four weeks to read?

This four weeks to read program is handy and great for your kids to read and learn new things on their own while taking minimal help from parents. This program includes:

Best Teaching Manual

There is a one-page detail lesson which you can give to your kids to read in 15 minutes, for three days a week. In this way, your kids effectively grow their communication and reading skills to the master level.

Some school Essentials

There are also some things for your kids to learn like they are in school. Through this way, your kid’s confidence will surely grow and they talk to anyone confidently.

Maximum 50 books for Reading

All these books are designed well according to your kid’s minds between the age of 4-7. when your kid reads these all books, after completing the book they will add it to their library.

Some Best Activities and Work-Books

Your kid will also get some fun and joyful activities, which reinforce them to get new things easily. There is some music which is free with this program, will attract your kid to learn and read new letters and make the concept of it.


With the help of flashcards, your kid will understand that how to number the words inaccurate way.


There are a lot of things included in the four-week read program, so there is no need to add some bonus with it as it is a complete program for kids. As a parent, you will get all the things that you need while giving guidance to your kid, and as a kid, you will get all the materials that are helpful for the reading process. It only comes with a price tag of $89.99, in this price your kid can grow and enhance their reading and learning skills easily.

Are four weeks to read program legit to scam?

Well, you will get your program physically at your home. So all the negative things will shut here. There is no scam with four weeks to read program, also thousands of people who are satisfied and purchased this program for their kids are happy and they felt they choose a good option for their kids.

Keep in mind, you need to purchase these four weeks to read the program from the official site and you will find the link of the site here easily. If you buy this program from another site that is not official then there is a guarantee for the legit of the program.

With this program, your kids can enhance their confidence level while learning r reading new things. So what makes this program scam, there is not a single thing that can prove four weeks to read a fake program.

The pros and cons


  • You can easily understand all the guidelines as a parent.
  • Will give an easy-to-follow approach for all parents.
  • The main and best thing is that it is available only in the physical product.
  • All the approaches which are covered in the program are phonic approaches, which makes this program best for all children.
  • Lots of material are manually added to the program for better understanding for your kids.
  • You don’t need to buy extra things with this program, as it is a complete box of opportunities for your kids.
  • Some digital music is also added to this program, as it will help your kids to know the words accurately.
  • As a parent, your involvement is minimal while your kids are using this program.
  • In a small and economical budget, you will get the best guidance for your kids.
  • This program is only made for 4-7 years old children.


  • Not good enough for younger children.
  • Only comes in a physical product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there anything to buy extra materials with this program?

Answer. This is a complete box of four weeks to read. Your kid will get all the things that make them attractive to the program as they are learning in the school.

2. Is four weeks to read the program legit?

Answer. Lots of parents are totally satisfied with this program. Also, they recommend this program to the other parents as it is helpful for kids between 4-7 years old.

3. Is there any promo or discount code available with the program?

Answer. It comes with a price tag of $89.99, after discount. There are no further promo or discounts right now on this program. But the good thing is that it worth your money.

4. What are things included in this program for children?

Answer. There are lots of materials which your kid will get in this program like a manual book, detailed workbook. Also, there is a total of 65 books in this program, which comes with 5 pages in each book. Also, you will get a digital CD, which includes sounds and music for your kids. Some flashcards are helpful for your kids t to learn and read new things efficiently.


If you want to give your kids a good opportunity for learning and reading new words then four weeks read program is the best choice for you. As it comes with an economical price which can easily fit on all the parent’s pockets.

This program is simple and very easy to understand all the reading techniques, which can surely boost your kid’s confidence as well. But you don’t need to put pressure on your kids to finish this program in just four weeks, as this program can finish in more than four weeks. Because some of the kids surely need some repetitions while reading new words or things.

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