Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading Review – Does This Program Really Work?

Parents want to make their children smarter, intelligent, and successful. Hence, they focus on their early learning, reading, and schooling. Early reading provides a lot of benefits to all children.

It prepares the child for the future. Also, it improves memory, writing skills, reading skills, comprehension, and reading fluency. Early reading sharp child’s minds and children can be able to understand the meaning of the text.

Simple is that early reading and learning prepare the child for the next levels of education. So, they take interest in the study and can choose any subject without any fear or issue.

Early learning helps your child to stay away from other problems like poor phonemic awareness, hearing and speech challenges, and understand pronunciation. To set your child’s mind for learning, it is necessary to learn about it.

The parents can better teach their children because the child can attract to their parents rather than another person. The bonding between parents and child helps them most to understand things.

Busy parents cannot share time with their children but they want to prepare them for the future. Thus, they need a program which helps them to teach their 3 years of children. Hundreds of programs provide this opportunity but not claims that a child will learn everything.

That’s why we decided to discuss a wonderful program which solves parents’ problems. So, the “Children Learning Reading Review” is here. Don’t skip any part because everything is most important and you will learn the complete method to prepare your child at an early age.

What Is Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading is a program that provides teaching techniques to all parents who want to teach from an early age. It is a complete learning system that helps all the parents to prepare their children for the next level of education.

This process can be started at home and the mother is responsible to guide her child with many accessories. It is also true that child is more attached with their mother than father. They learn and everything from their mother. So, the mother should take more interest in creative things which may helpful for her child.

So, parents can learn how to treat their children, how to teach them without any worry, which topic or subject is best in the beginning, and which things can relax the child’s mind. All are very important parts before teaching your child.

You should aware of all the situations. Moreover, parents can easily know their child’s mental level/capacity, likes/dislikes, and they can know which topic will be more helpful for their child.

This special program is the first level for parents and also for the child. It is a little school with all the cute accessories. Thus, you should read this content. Because it is the complete information for those parents who have not any experience to educate their child at home.

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Author of Children Learning Reading Program

Jim Yang is the creator of this amazing program who claims that you can teach your child at home. It also helpful for parents to teach their child without any teacher. Your child can become a fast reader within just 2 weeks.

The author designed this amazing program for all parents to start schooling at home. This is the best schooling process from the start. This program provides guidelines to teach your child step-by-step and encourages them for reading and learning.

This amazing process may help to improve your child’s reading ability quickly. Your child will learn the phonemic and understand Mathematics, English, words pronunciation in an easy way.

This special program makes your child smart, sharpens his/her mind, and prepares him/her for the next challenges. Jim Yang helps every parent to solve their learning and reading problems.

How Does Children Learning Reading Program Works?

This special program is designed for early age children who can improve their learning skills. Parents will train their child to learn the basic things and other subjects like English Words, Basics of mathematics, etc.

This program is very useful for parents and helpful for both parent and their children. Parents will learn how they increase their child interest in the study.

It is the best solution to teach your child in steps like easy to bit difficult. Your child will easily and quickly pick your words, methods of learning, and prepare himself to learn more.

The mental capacity will be improved by this program. Phonemic knowledge and synthetic phonics are creatively joined and completed in a very effective process.

What is inside the Children Learning Reading Program?

This complete program comes with a package in which includes videos, audio, tools, guidelines PDF, Books ( Mathematics and English, Stories, Poems ), Lesson printouts and flashcards, Phonics Foundation Teaching Manual, Fun activities, etc.

So, this wonderful program is a complete package to teach your children and improve his/her learning skills.

It comes with guidelines that are specially for parents to learn about their child’s behavior, emotions, nature, etc. Thus, parents can easily start step-by-step and helps their child to learn and read more.

The Manual contains several chapters in which include phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and guidelines for parents to prepare their children for learning. The manual book contains a total of 50 lessons and is divided into stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1

This special program’s manual consists of 28 lessons. The lessons contain basic words and focus on the child’s skills. These lessons start from the printed text and kids have to read the step-by-step.

These lessons define the sound to a child helps them to read every alphabet easily. In the beginning level of lessons, children will understand the letters in a sensible order. Similarly, the stepped, and intuitive order will improve their skills.

Moreover, stage one contains simple words and basic with several exercises. Children will also learn to shift the complicated sentences and they feel difficulty. Also, this stage of the program manual teaches children to shift rhymes, other words, etc.

The stories are also included in this stage to sharpen kids’ minds and increase interest to learn more. Thus, this stage is really important and it provides benefits to you and your children.

Stage 2 

The second stage of this learning program is considered the advanced level. It consists of 22 lessons with advanced techniques, guidelines, activities, and also discussed some complicated topics.

This part is important for your child because it makes your child smarter, intelligent, and the techniques will increase the learning skills. The digraphs, carts, images, etc included in this section and aware the parents to focus on their child.

Children will learn to make the combination of letters, they understand the combination of letters. Moreover, it helps them to move the sentences, words, rhymes, and interesting lesson stories.

Hence, it improves the fluency of your child without any issue. This section will enhance the interest of your child in books and study. Thus, you have no need to force your child to learn and study.

Similarly, it is very easy to learn and read the lessons of the program. Children can learn their favorite poems, stories, and other words. The lesson is very short and takes them less time like one lesson just requires 10 minutes.

Within just 10 minutes your child will learn important sentences. Moreover, some lessons and topics just take 2 or 3 minutes. Therefore, this program is very effective but it just takes 12 weeks to train the children and parents.


The program provides some videos which are based on basic words, mathematics, and letters to teach the child quickly. The stories, pronunciation of alphabets, and some interesting lessons are included in the videos.

Thus, you can teach your child through the videos. This content makes everything easy for you and your kid. The child takes interest in videos and they focus to learn more. Moreover, this is a practical way to teach the child through some images.


Children Learning Reading Program also contains audio recordings. Thus, you can use these voices to teach your child in a better way. The child picks the voices and starts focusing on the words to pronoun correctly.


This complete program is now available with 4 bonuses. The team has added some extra content as a bonus and helps the parents to learn more for their kids.

The extra manual added to get more knowledge to maintain their kids learning level, mental capacity, and increase the ability to pick more and more topics.

This program also has some techniques for parents to control their child’s behavior and improve their skills. Moreover, extra exercises are added as a bonus to learn more and a resources list is also added for help.

Furthermore, you will get extra videos in which you find the effective techniques to handle your child and understand their mind, likes/dislikes, and attitude.

The checklist was also added as a bonus to improve their learning skills. Without any problem, you can get these bonuses with the Children Learning Reading Program package.

There are two versions of this special program that provides different content as the program’s worth. 

  • Standard Version
  • Premium Version

1.      Standard version

Extra stories added that may be helpful for those children who are more active, smart, and takes more interest in the learning. So, the advanced level stories are easy and help you to check the overall progress of your child.

Extra letter sounds are added in this program version to increase the interest of the child.

2.      Premium Version

You will get extra content in this version which contains extra videos and workshops to teach your children. This version has some essential techniques and strategies that improve more reading skills of your child.

So, this version will play the role of a teacher and you have no need to give your extra time to your kid.

Is Children Learning Reading Program Legit or Scam?

This wonderful learning program is very helpful for your child and you can prepare your child for future challenges. As it is a popular topic and people used it for their child. All users have positive responses and they admire this program.

People recommend this program because it is very useful, helpful, and also beneficial for your child. It is 100% legit and everyone can easily order it to set their 2 years of kid’s routine. No negative review about a product, it means that this is a really useful program for every parent and his/her child.

Merits and Demerits of Children Learning Reading Program:


  • This useful program for children comes with comprehensive content that provides the ability to your child to get reading skills.
  • It also enables your children to understand the basic sentence, words, alphabets, and phonemic knowledge.
  • This amazing program is available with a cheap trial to understand it first and then you can use it for your child.
  • The best product or program provides quality content, similarly, this program provides the skills to you and your kids.
  • The manual of Children Learning Reading contains short lessons which are really helpful for kids to complete within a short period.
  • The children have no need for the extra struggle because it is a very easy and expensive way to learn at home.


  • Only available on the original website.
  • It doesn’t provide any app for easy online access.
  • Busy parents should schedule time for their child.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it any risk to buy Children Learning Reading?

No, there is no risk to buy this amazing program because it really works and provides the learning skills to your child.

2. Is this program only useful for 2 years of a child? 

No, you can use it for 2-6 years of child and it will work without any problems. The program did not provide any age limit. So, you can start schooling your child from age of 2 years and teach him/her for the next levels.

3. What is the worth of it?

It is not very costly and is available in three packages. The first foundation package price is $39. The second standard package price is $69 and the premium package price is $89. Thus, these three packages have different content and you can choose anyone before order.


Children Learning Reading Review is a trending topic and most people used it. But most of the people demand to use it for their child. It is a very effective program for parents and children to improve the kids learning skills.

The program contains useful content such as videos, workshops, audio clips, guideline manuals, learning techniques, and tools to teach your child in a better way. An affordable program with a premium package will benefit you and your child.

The 60 short lessons are included in the program. You can read this review before purchasing the program, it will benefit you.

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