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Best Learn To Read Program Online For Toddlers / 4 / 5 Years Kids

Recent pandemic has revealed that not only teachers but parents also play an important role in the learning journey of kids. Teachers are already trained to make kids learn to read. They get paid for it but what about parents? Parents also have to teach their kids to read after the pandemic.

It’s not about pandemic particularly but some parents find it effective to teach their kids at home. Kids don’t get bored and parents find an opportunity to build a strong bond with their children.

But to make children learn to read, the parents need to be equipped with proper tools. Various online programs, applications, and training sessions are available to help parents.

Before starting the programs 

You must check if your child has a certain disability of reading. Sometimes it happens, your kids take more time than others due to certain types of disabilities. In that case, you should consider a doctor or therapist to deal with those issues.

Not every child starts reading immediately. The caliber of every child is different when it comes to reading to writing. Hence you should not be disappointed if it takes time. Rather than getting panic you must keep patience and wait for results.

6 best programs to help teach your children to read

Today, I am going to share the six best programs that help parents teach their children to read. If your children learn to read with the help of a program then it becomes their constant source of learning.

After using these programs you can make your children read their course books, storybooks, and additional library books. Once this procedure starts you will see a huge difference in your child’s progress.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

One of the best comprehensive programs that help parents to make their children read by using a step-by-step guide. This program consists of easy-to-follow sensible instructions that help your child gain essential skills of reading.

Colored graphics are used to illustrate the essentials so that your child pick things easily. If you use this program for 20 minutes daily, your child will be equipped with advanced reading skills.

Reading Eggs

If you want your child to learn reading without getting bored then Reading Eggs is a great fit. It is one of the best online programs that help children learn to read in an environment full of fun and enjoyment.

A team of enthusiast teachers, writers, and developers of the elementary school created this program. They intended to create a comprehensive program that helps kids learn to read fluently and proficiently.

Teach Your Monster to Read

If you are looking for a game to help your children learn to read then Teach Your Monster to Read is a great fit. It is a series of games that has changed the lives of millions of children and made them excellent readers.

Children who are in the early stage of reading or who need a little bit more practice can benefit from this award-winning program.

Your children are taken on a magical journey filled with colorful characters and rewards. With the progression of the program, the children start rephrasing the essential reading skills. They learn to match words to sounds, blend, and segment. Your kids start making full sentences after the completion of the series.

You can use this program on your mobile phone, pc, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any digital device.

The Reading Lesson

One of the best-selling reading programs in the market. This program is based on a step-by-step guide to teach your children reading at home. This program is widely used by parents and teachers to help kids learn reading in 20 easy lessons.

Phonics and keyword recognition is the basic method of this program. Children with disability can also benefit from this program as it is based on an innovative and easy-to-follow guide.

Bob Books

One of the best reading companions of your child that helps them learn reading with fun gradually. If your child knows the alphabet you can start using this series of books.websites for kids reading

Your child will start learning the reading process through a clean layout, short words, and simple phonics. This program equips your children with essential tools to jump from reading letters to making sentences.

In the beginning, you get three words on one page and gradually proceed to more than one sentence per page.

Phonics Pathways

A book that is based on sounds and spelling patterns helps your children to read. Your children get introduced to the sounds and patterns. After learning sounds and patterns your child progresses to building the words, syllables, and sentences.

It works like a powerful tool to help your children recognize words, sounds, and sentences. Your child starts from the recognition of words and sounds and ends up building phrases and sentences.

Keep patience

Patience is always the key to success when it comes to training. You cannot make your child read from day one. It takes time sometimes weeks, months, or even more than a year.

Children start reading gradually with time so you have to wait for some while. If you see that your child is not responding to one program then try other. All programs are based on different techniques and skills. Your child can find anyone effective and start responding.

If your child loves games, then choose the program that teaches through games. If you see that your child is interested in listing sounds and repeating them, choose a program having these features.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned the top 6 best-selling learn-to-read programs. Other than these listed programs you can also consider multiple kinder garden programs available on amazon. These programs are effective in their own respective fields.

You need to try various programs to check which one is effective for your child’s learning ability. I recommend you choose the program that is associated with your child’s interest.

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