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Mary Ann Schuler Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Does It Work and Legit?

In this article, we will guide you about Baby Sleep Miracle Review By Mary Ann Schuler: Does It Legit Or Work? which will help to buy this product.

For most adults, falling asleep is a common thing to do. When they feel tired, they go to sleep and that’s that! Well, the same simple task becomes a really hard challenge for a baby.

An infant must learn specific sleep patterns. I know that this might come as a surprise, but, for newborns, sleep must be studied just like any other skill.

And, all modern parents understand me when I say that sleep training a child is quite frustrating. However, you should try to hold yourself because your tiny one is way too young to understand your behavior.

baby sleep miracle review


In today’s report, I will explain everything you need to know about the Baby Sleep Miracle guide which is a digital resource that gives plenty of helpful tips and guidelines on how to develop your baby’s sleep.

You will find out what accurately this eBook is, plus many other interesting things such as its pros, cons, price, and more.

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What Is Baby Sleep Miracle?

Baby Sleep Miracle is a program designed by Mary-Ann Schuler. Not only is she a child psychologist but she also has two children. In this guide, you will get easy-to-follow steps and tips to sleep train your baby.

The author gives helpful answers to a lot of topics. New parents can be a bit overwhelmed with the way their babies react to both internal and external factors.


For example, a newborn cannot talk or express himself or herself other than through crying. It’s just their way of communicating.

According to the creator, the Baby Sleep Miracle method can assist you to offer relief to your tiny one effectively and safely. Simply put, both you and your kid will be able to sleep and rest.

There is an extensive range of opinions and myths on how to get your baby to sleep. Numerous people seem to believe that they cannot really control their infants’ sleep patterns but this is wrong.

Another misunderstanding revolves around the fact that one should keep the baby awake during the day for the baby to become tired at night and sleep for a more prolonged time.


This is both wrong and completely unhealthy for the infant. As an example, you should know that a newborn wants to sleep between 16 and 20 hours every day. Once the baby is 3 months old, the sleeping time reduces to approximately 15 hours per day.

The Baby Sleep Miracle book tries to correct numerous of the aforementioned misconceptions. The material is based on extensive research but the language that the creator uses is one that can be easily understood by everybody, without the use of medical or technical jargon.

Mary-Ann Schuler, The Founder of Baby Sleep Miracle:

Being a trained child psychologist, Mary-Ann has a serious medical background and professional expertise. She understands the data and the facts involved in building a happy and healthy child.

Her pediatric psychology experience is greater than two decades so she knows accurately what she is discussing.

Moreover, Mary-Ann has two children of her own so she also talks from personal experience. In this guide, she gives guidance that is easy to follow and which will enhance your parenting experience. In fact, Baby Sleep Miracle works for everyone but it frequently targets first-time parents.

From her personal experience, the founder is familiar with what new moms are going through, particularly when their babies don’t want to sleep and can’t stop crying.


What’s even more critical is that new parents are consumed with guilt out of a feeling of insufficiency because they believe they aren’t good enough to take care of their tiny ones.

Through this book, Mary-Ann tries to assist those parents to overcome these difficulties and adjust to these sudden changes.

To build this material, the author has conducted a series of studies at two prestigious organizations: the Center for Sleep Science at Stanford and Harvard Medical School.

The first chapter explains to you how significant is for a newborn to sleep well and how essential this healthy habit is if you want your child to grow properly.

Later on, she reveals some certified and effective sleep training methods that will work from birth and up until your child turns five. Each approach is tailored in such a way to suit the baby’s corresponding growth period.

How Does Baby Sleep Miracle Work?

The Baby Sleep Miracle book includes 4 different chapters and a whole of 16 sub-chapters. Basically, you will reach an A-to-Z guide on how to get your baby sleep longer and better.

You will also learn to easily perceive all the signs that your infant exposes when he or she is tired. Moreover, the book also covers problems like tantrums and separation anxiety.

Simply put, once you go through the book, you will understand both the “whys” and the “hows” if your child’s sleeping patterns. You will completely understand the little one’s moments of stress.

Also, you will become able to understand or even prevent the small triggers that lead to tantrums. For example, numerous different causes can make a baby sensitive such as medical problems like allergies, infections, and others.


According to Mary-Ann, a newborn doesn’t actually know the accurate way to handle the senses’ overstimulation.

Certainly, that is when parents must interrupt and make sure the baby is calm. Still, they also have to teach the child to calm himself or herself without outside motivation.

The book will guide you accurately that: safe ways to experiment with the author’s suggested methods.

One thing that the author certainly highlights and mentions in the book is the fact that parents require to remain calm regardless of how their infant behaves.

Otherwise, the baby will interpret that reaction as something normal and he or she will do the equivalent, as per the famous expression “lead by example.”

Further down the road of parenting, the book underlines the obligation of both routine and consistency. The Baby Sleep Miracle guide comes with a bonus which is an extra chapter: “Good Sleep at Every Age.”

In this part of the material, the author gives details linked to each growth phase of babies, from the moment they are born until they enter the age of five years old.

What’s This Program’s Format?

Baby Sleep Miracle is an E-book/ an electronic book that can be downloaded or published after buying. Honestly, finding out that the program was an E-book was a little disappointing for me as I was exacting a complete video-recorded course for the price.

I saw the price a bit too high as out of all the three E-books I have bought before, none of them was rated at more than $40.


The costly price of this E-book surely caught me by surprise but I liked to ignore that as the contents of the e-book were the most significant thing.

If it were my product, I would probably present it a more leading name like Baby Sleep Miracle pdf so that people would know just accurately what they are buying.

But once again, what matters most are the contents of the book, which I will quickly share with you after considering just who this product is meant for.

Who is It Meant For?

The reason behind why I decided to go on the hunt for such a product was frequently because when my baby got to about two months of age, my sleep was destroyed.

During the right early weeks after my son’s birth, I used to wake him every night to feed him.

At such a tender age, babies are still familiarizing themselves with the system, and so my son would up sleeping for the greatest part of the day.


It was not until he got to about two months that everything turned; he started waking non-stop all through the night. Things got so critical that it got to a point whereby I was always much exhausted each day and night.

I was almost giving up but I understood that I could not as I had this innocent tiny person that was reliant on me.

With that said, this product is literally for any mother suffering from a severe lack of sleep at night because of their kid. All of that, however, doesn’t mean a thing if the book does not what it claims to do.

In short, this Baby Sleep Miracle Review is excellent for parents (both moms and dads) that are:

  •       Tired of waking up all over the night and want to get some rest
  •       Caring, loving, and cool-headed and are ready to perform the training
  • Ready to put in the time to exercise the multiple techniques discussed in the e-book

Through performing the techniques discussed in this E-book, you will greatly help from the simple and clear guidance provided regarding babies’ sleep.

Later on in this post, I will be describing how this product is working for my baby and me.

What’s Contained Inside?

As earlier on said, this product is easily an E-book, and so is structured like most E-books accessible online. Not that I am downplaying E-books, as the value of each E-book all depends on what is included inside, but I was just a bit shocked to know that this product is a book after understanding that it is a program, which I believed was in the form of a video.

Apart from the genuine product, I also bought its upsell, which was about 5 dollars, and it turned out to be an e-book with helpful information on newborns.


The E-book itself goes for over 40 dollars and is about 110 pages long. You will have a couple of days to perform reading through the book.

Nonetheless, the product includes an extensive range of valuable knowledge that you can start applying instantly. The e-book is well constructed inside a package of three other bonus products; some sort of miracle peaceful music as well as two other E-books.

All of the three books present you with more than sufficient knowledge and tips about caring for your tiny one. And the best part is that given the nature of the product (E-book), you can purchase it and later on share it with your friends or relatives that are in experiencing baby sleep problems.

This E-book presents a complete overview of the following baby sleep topics:

  • The value of napping for babies.
  • Why it’s essential for babies to get adequate amounts of sleep.
  • Various stages of development and how they affect babies’ sleep.
  • Negative impacts connected with sleep deprivation.
  • How to make for sleep training.
  • Essential techniques for sleep training your baby.
  • Positive impacts of routine.
  • Easy sleeping rules for babies.
  • Full sleep guidelines for babies up to the age of five.
  • Benefits of regular child feeding.
  • Value of safe surroundings to babies.

The Baby Sleep Miracle Review:

If you have been on the market before examining and analyzing online tips and tricks to assist you to put your baby to sleep then you are probably a cynic.

You probably do not think there is anything that works out there. And this is pretty much in order because most studies, eBooks, and videos out there with baby sleep routines pretty much contain pieces of recommendation that do not work.

This is because they are not printed by mothers or by individuals who have the related academic/ scholarly background to actually give any helpful advice. They are not based on actual research.

But not the Baby Sleep Miracle. It is completely different. It is formulated by a renowned child psychologist and it is based on wide research.


Within just two or three weeks of studying it, you will find out why most Baby Sleep Miracle Reviews on blogs and social media are quite positive.

Why? Because the tips and tricks contained in it are pretty helpful and effective. They are also very simple to follow.

But that is not what I am going to reveal you in this section of this Baby Sleep Miracle Review. This is the in-depth part where I describe the meat and potatoes of the eBook.

So the eBook is separated into chapters. There are just four chapters and the complete book is just a hundred pages long, so it is not a long read. In case 100 pages sound too numerous for you, do not fret.

There are small subchapters for particular ages that you can simply locate to get the sleeping tips or guidance for your child’s specific age.

The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep
  • Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants
  • Chapter 4: Good Sleep at Every Age

Baby Sleep Miracle Review: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is all about teaching the dangers of sleep deprivation. If you are a new mom then you will instantly recognize most of the dangers of sleep deprivation discussed in the chapter.

Sleep deprivation can lead to disappointment, stress, depression, anger, marriage difficulties, and even divorce. Sleep deprivation can also cause dangerous weight loss and hopelessness.

It can make you hate yourself. In brief, it can make you pretty miserable. Mary-Ann Schuler explains sleep deprivation perfectly and weaves in her experiences in this chapter.

She explains how sleep loss can strain the mother’s relationship with her newborn baby and with her partner. She also describes how sleep deprivation can cause a nervous breakdown.

From reading this chapter, you can describe that there is a need to take urgent steps to quickly address sleep deprivation if you are a new mother.

You can also describe, that by addressing sleep deprivation, you can get your groove back, you can be comfortable again, and you can go back to preparing healthily with your partner.


Baby Sleep Miracle Review: Chapter 2

This Chapter concentrates on explaining sleep. It is based on sleep science and it describes how we as humans fall asleep. It describes the importance of sleep to healthy living and why without sleep we all become zombies.

I love this chapter of the book because it is well-researched and quite easy to know despite being quite scientific.

The most important thing about this Chapter is that it forms the foundation on which Mary-Ann bases her usual sleep rules, tips, and tricks. It is quite an instructive part of the book.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review: Chapter 3

This section of the eBook is all about providing you the basics of healthy sleep. As in, if you are completely clueless about the circumstances and the environment that can place your baby to sleep, then this is the chapter you will find most interesting.

You will also find this chapter entertaining if you want to instantly debunk some of the generally held myths and misconceptions about baby sleep.

This is because it perfectly explains everything about baby sleep from performing sleep schedules to soothing techniques, feeding routines, and building a sleep-friendly environment.

The pieces of knowledge that you will see from this part of the book will assist you to know the little things you need to do to make your baby sleep properly without interruption in the middle of the night.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review: Chapter 4

Now, this is the Chapter most new moms, particularly those of you who are super occupied, will find most interesting.

Why? Because it includes age-specific routines, tips, and tricks to assist you to make your baby sleep well. The knowledge is arranged in the order in subchapters.

There is info for getting your baby sleep from when they are one-month-old until they turn five-years-old.

I like this part so much because it assisted me with my baby. I purchased this book when my baby was four months old and had pretty much presented me like two straight weeks of sleepless nights.


I didn’t have time to read the rest of the eBook at first because I was so sleep-deprived and it was just too much work for me.

I had been told by a friend to purchase it because it has an age-specific baby sleep tip. So I did so and when I got it I instantly skipped to the right page.

And there I saw knowledge and advice that assisted me to turn my baby from a fussy midnight screamer to a peaceful and photogenic all-night sleeper.

In review, I believe the most important information or part of this book is the 7-steps guide to put any baby to sleep. If you won’t read anything else after purchasing the book, make sure you read this guide.

It is gratified to die for (of course, there is no need to actually die but you understand the point)!

Additional Content

In addition to the Baby Sleep Miracle eBook, I got additional content for free including media files of the eBook that make it comfortable to listen to the program while performing other stuff, and baby sleep noises/ miracle sounds MP3s to soothe the baby to sleep.


If you are studying for the best swing for your baby to sleep then look no more.

Where to Purchase the Baby Sleep Miracle:

If this Baby Sleep Miracle article has impressed you then I am going to share with you a specific link that will get you the eBook and many bonus materials including Miracle Sleep MP3 sounds.

But before I do that, I imagine I should share with you my idea of the program. In case, it is not yet clear to you from the way I have given this review, I really LOVE the Baby Sleep Miracle.


I like it because its knowledge is precise, actionable, and age-specific. It is probably the best $37 bucks I ever spent.

To purchase the program and get the bonus materials including the specific sleep noises, click here. Remember, the aforementioned $37 bucks is a promotional offer. The program usually goes for $100.

Is the Baby Sleep Miracle Legit or a Scam?

No offense, but if you have even skimmed through this Baby Sleep Miracle Review then you will understand for sure that it is legit. It is a fabulous program with actionable tips.

It is much different from other similar products because it is practical. The tips and strategies included in it are also pretty effective.

They assisted me to make my infant baby less fussy/ colicky. They also assisted me to get back my sanity. I could swear that just three or four weeks ago, I was probably headed to an asylum.

But I am now more comfortable than I have ever been since my boy came into this world. So this program is legit.

And you do not have to take my word for it! There are numerous people online whose testimonials show that it works.


If you are still doubtful about the type of advice and knowledge you can get from the program, see the following extracts from the eBook.

“But you’ll always need a bedtime routine. Predictable routines not only assist babies to relax, but they also cue the brain to slow down and make the needed sleep “arrangements” – just like a good book does that for you.”

“But we shouldn’t overdo it. We need to find a strong balance between comforting our children and allowing them to get to comfort themselves.”

From the knowledge above, you can probably show that you will get a lot if you buy this program.

So if you are experiencing sleep deprivation, your baby is not sleeping properly at night, and your partner is drowsy and unenergetic all day because of a lack of quality sleep, buy this program.

It is legit and it can assist you to turn your current situation around. It can assist you just the way it encouraged me.

What Will You Learn from Baby Sleep Miracle?

  • This guide gives effective methodsto calm your baby while also relaxing yourself. Meanwhile, you will also see how to build a healthy and positive relationship with your infant;
  • The book is also good for parents with older children. For instance, it guides you the main steps to follow to prevent your toddler from having nightmaresso that they can grow their sleep;
  • Baby Sleep Miracle presents a list of instructions through which you will become able to simply identify the triggersand problems that might make your little one fussy.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Pros and Cons:


  • The complete guide can be read in one single sitting because the language the creator uses is a reader-friendlyone;
  • There are lots of valuable tipsthat are easy to implement;
  • You won’t need any former training, whatsoever. Once you complete reading the book, you can go ahead and start testing it right away;
  • The book gives excellent value for its cost. For some might seem affordable while others might think this program a bit on the pricey side. Still, when you feel that the main benefit you’ll get is better sleep and rest, the price will feel like a bargain;
  • The author gives a 100% money-back guarantee. Those people, who purchase the program and don’t feel like it is working for them, should understand that they can ask for a refund within 60 days since the purchase;
  • Baby Sleep Miracle covers everything you can think; all the potential baby and sleep-related problems are presented here along with their solutions and fixes;
  • With the guidance of this program, your parenting experience will become a lot more comfortable so that you will start growing your baby in a more relaxed manner. Also, your infant will sleep properly, cry less, and be happier.


  • Take your time and be prepared because the techniques’ learning curve is pretty steep. You must spend quite some time learning these tips to be able to apply them accurately. So, make time and stay committed;
  • You will need a reliable internet connectionto download the eBook because, at the moment, Baby Sleep Miracle can only be reached in digital format;
  • You may need to practicethe methods a few times until they come simply to you;
  • The material is only accessible in English;

Some people might think a downside the fact that the guide can only be read or consulted on their phone or computer because they may suggest the classic version of reading a book.

Does Baby Sleep Miracle Truly Work?

Now, that we understand what the book is for and what it guides you, there’s only one question left unanswered: does this method absolutely work? I am not going to lie to you.

\You indeed need to spend some effort and time into getting to know these methods. What’s more significant is that you should expect to get a certain amount of resistance from your child; at least, at first.


But all these things are normal. To test the techniques safely and accurately, all you have to do is follow the author’s guidelines.

If you do that, eventually, your tiny one will start to respond and react accordingly. It looks that the methods explained in this eBook have helped over 17,000 parents from all around the globe.

If that’s true, I don’t believe that the positive experience of all those thousands of parents is genuinely coincidental. In my view, Baby Sleep Miracle does work because its principles go all the way back to basics.

You will start to notice the triggers that make your infant cry and you will be equipped to respond accurately. Parents who see this guide will show their babies that they don’t have to cry because mom or dad is there to support them by promptly addressing their issues.

Is It Difficult to Sleep Train Your Baby?

The answer can be yes or no, based on your abilities and knowledge. Training is the same thing as learning and, believe it or not, newborns simply like to learn new things.


Their brain is still growing and it absorbs the information you give it. Some parents don’t like the term “training” when it comes to their children but consider it this way: when you train in a specific field it means you are getting something new. The same goes for your child and the exact same process happens when you sleep train your child.

How Much Does Baby Sleep Miracle Cost?

You can buy the Baby Sleep Miracle eBook on the product’s landing page. The initial price of this guide was $97 but the writer is currently giving it at a discounted price. You will only have to pay $37 to gain access to this sleep training material.


Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Final Thoughts:

The Baby Sleep Miracle program has got lots of positive feedback from clients, particularly moms who tried and tested the methods explained in this guide.

All in all, the guidance that was given there is valuable, insightful, and beneficial in assisting you to achieve your desired results. This online material complete of easy-to-follow steps might just end sleepless nights.

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