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Accelerated Reading Programs – Similar To Accelerated Readers

These days book reading has become a hard task to be completed. It is because kids are involved in mobile phones, tablets, and computers more than books. It’s really hard to get them back on book reading.

When you read a book you make your own imagination and can explore more than a video program. In a video or TV show, you only see what the director wants to show you.

On the other hand, when you read a book you can give your imagination wings. You can see what you want to see and imagine what you want to imagine. There are no more boundaries when you read a book.

Benefits of book reading

We cannot compile the benefits of book reading in just one paragraph or article. Because there is a huge list of benefits we gain from the habit of book reading. Books can get you to a new world where there is no limit to imagination.

You can get wings and fly, you can become a mermaid or an angel. You can be anything just by feeling the content provided in the book. When you read a book you can feel the emotions explained in each word or sentence. This soul connection cannot be built with a video or TV show. Books have been considered as the best friends of humans for years.

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Book reading for kids

We know that books are the best friends of humans and we learn to read from our childhood. You can make your kids learn different alphabets and word recognition at home. But when your kids reach grade 2 or 4 they start reading on their own.

This is the time when you build their interest in the book reading. Your kids start recognizing words by themselves. You can give them shop poems or storybooks for practice. They will learn more by reading short stories.

You can give them an assignment of book reading. The school teachers do the same, they let the kids read a book and then conduct a short quiz session to evaluate the understanding level of kids.

Accelerated reading program

The accelerated reading program is a computer program that is used to make the kids read books. The accelerated reading program promotes children’s independent reading practice.

Children can choose books of their own choice and start reading through this computer program. AR program has been used in various institutions to allow the students to read books independently. This program has a lot of benefits for students who want to read books independently.

The accelerated reading program is a huge blessing for institutions and teachers as the students can own their education system. The teachers don’t need to instruct students during the reading process.

The accelerated reading program (How it works?)

It is a computer program that allows kids to read books independently. Students can choose their books and start reading. After completing the reading session, the program conducts a short quiz session. Each quiz has specific marks that reflect the understanding level of students.

A quiz is held three times a year to evaluate the student’s score. At the end of the year, the score sheet is shared with parents and the school. Every student gets promoted based on these marks.

Each book has its corresponding scores, for example, an easy-to-read book has 0.2 marks and a complex book has 3 marks. In the same way, students can choose books to score as much as required to get promoted to the next grade.

How students’ reading levels are detrained in AR programs?

The start reading program is used to assess and determine the students’ reading scores. After an initial assessment, the marks are periodically updated through Star reading program.

Through this process, the students, teachers, and parents get a better idea about the student’s reading level and zone of proximal development (ZPD). The ZPD actually represents the range of books levels.

Students can choose books that lie within their ZPD range. This method allows the students to read books of their own choice rather than reading a too easy too challenging book.

Students are allowed to get books from a library according to their ZPD and gain marks. They can read also read books out of ZPD for enjoyment but they cannot get extra marks for that.

What does the research say about the AR program?

Through the accelerated reading program, the students get instant information from books. The students also get reinforcement for the efforts they make to read a book in the form of marks.

The reading points acquired by the students are based on three criteria (quantity, quality, and reading level). These levels push the students to do a literature-based book reading.

Moreover, they gain the confidence and freedom of reading books of their own choice. The independent goals are set up for each student so that each student could reach the highest level. Students accept the challenge of achieving a goal and read books to improve their performance.

Negative points of Accelerated Reading program?

When students read books under the influence of teachers or parents they get proper guidance. Teachers make corrections and explain the theory. A student can better understand the purpose of a certain chapter, story, or poem by a teacher.

But when students read books through the accelerated reading program they can’t get the same guidance. They just read a book of their own and solve a quiz to give proof that they had completed the book.

That’s quite unfair when it comes to understanding the theories and stories. Every story has two faces and only a teacher or parent can explain these faces.

Final Word

The accelerated reading program is one of the most advanced programs designed for students to help achieve their study goals. Overall it is the best program that should be used in institutions to promote independent book reading.

It will help build an education system that allows the students to choose books according to their interests and taste. It also promotes a literature-based book reading system.

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